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Hi, I am Natalia

Have you ever met one of those people who feel exhausted and irascible at all times, who already wake up tired and that by the end of the day that tiredness even becomes them irritable? Well that was me!!

My name is Natalia and as I approached 40 I made the decision to take better care of myself and help other people feel better.

I thought I had a fairly balanced diet, but still I felt without energy, I had no regularity, I slept badly, with pain in my joints…
In addition, from the age of 30, I had been accumulating weight at a rate of around 1 kilo per year, up to a total of 10 kilos.

I didn’t understand anything. I thought that eating a diverse diet was enough. I didn’t realize that the nowadays food was not for covering the nutritional needs that my body had.

Eating is not the same as being nourished.

I started my plan with skepticism , but I was so desperate that I decided to give it a try.
My surprise was that, not only had I achieved my goals of vitality, rest and regularity, but incidentally and without realizing it (eating more than ever, in fact) in a couple of months I had lost more than 8 kilos (18 pounds) of fat.
And the icing on the cake was that I ended up toning my muscles more than at 20! 😲

The best thing is that I have learned the healthy habits and nutrition that my body needs at each moment of the day. A lifelong learning that I want to share with you.

Also I’m not alone! I have a great team of more than 50 professionals behind me behind me, specialists in weight control, objective nutrition, sports nutrition… and the back up of science and nutritionists that will provide the best plan for you.

I assure you, you too can feel (and look!) better. Whatever your goal is, I’ll help you!
We’ll go hand in hand because, you know what? IT IS POSSIBLE!


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What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

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